Delaware 4-H Foundation

empowering young people with the skills to lead for a lifetime

Who We Are

The Delaware 4-H Foundation was created in 1978 to provide a way for benefactors to support the Delaware 4-H Program with cash and in-kind gifts that enable 4-H’ers to participate in various programming opportunities. Today the Foundation provides over $100,000 each year to deserving 4-H’ers in five targeted programming areas: Awards, Trips and Scholarships; Camping Programs; Leadership and Program Development; Project Specific Support; and Supporting Services. The latter is where the Foundation maintains a fund to support general operations and special requests on an as-needed, as-available basis.

How We Help

In 2015, the Delaware 4-H Foundation directly supported the following 4-Hers and indirectly funded thousands more. Here are some of the programs and 4-Hers who benefited from the Foundation supported projects.