Who We Help

In 2015, the Delaware 4-H Foundation directly supported the following 4-Hers and indirectly funded thousands more. Here are some of the programs and 4-Hers who benefited from the Foundation supported projects.

National 4-H Congress, Atlanta, GA

Jill Jackson, Sussex 4-H agent; Rose Reynolds-NCC; Laurie Wrotten-SC; Alexandra Swan-NCC; Spring Vasey-KC; Micaela Harvey-KC; Shawn Mitchell-SC; Mary Beth Robbins-KC; Melissa Mitchell, SC 4-H leader

National 4-H Congress is one of the premiere experiences for 4-H members across the country to participate in. For 94 years, members of the 4-H program have been gathering to celebrate the successes and accomplishments of 4-H at this event. National 4-H Congress provides a life-changing experience for youth to meet other 4-H members from across America, as they participate in educational workshops focusing on diversity, cultural experiences, leadership, team development, and of course having fun!

National 4-H Conference, Washington D.C.

Colleen Anderson, Alexandra Swan, Nathaniel Vincent, Mary Beth Robbins, Brett Clarke, Ryan Harrington

The National 4-H Conference is the annual premiere national civic engagement opportunity for 4-H members (15-19 years old) across the country.  Conference is a hands-on, working conference in which delegates participate in a variety of programs and activities.  Participants have the opportunity to practice and apply in a real world setting their newly-developed and refined skills.

National 4-H Dairy Conference

  • Provide a means by which various individuals and groups interested in the dairy industry and youth can cooperate to achieve educational objectives based on the developmental needs of youth;
  • Promote and sponsor an educational program which will provide a better understanding of the operations involved in the production, processing, marketing and use of dairy products, as well as related areas; and
  • Provide a broader understanding of careers available in dairy production, processing, marketing and other selected areas.

Educational Objectives are to help selected 4-H youth:

  • Increase their understanding of the dairy industry;
  • Learn about additional vocational and professional opportunities in the dairy industry;
  • Practice good citizenship, group participation and leadership responsibilities; and
  • Develop additional individual initiative and competence in areas of special interest and aptitude in the dairy field and related areas.

National Youth Engineering Challenge

This event is designed to give 4-H members an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the areas of lawn care, business management, and lawn and garden tractor (less than 20 Hp) operation, maintenance and safety while competing with other 4-Hers. Safety is stressed throughout the contest.

Farm Tractor Contest

This event is designed to give 4-H members an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of tractor maintenance and skill in operation, and compete with other 4-Hers in so doing.  Safety will be stressed throughout the contest.

Diamond Clover Award

Awarded to Holly Anderson

Delaware 4-H Foundation College Scholarship Recipients

Angela Lagano

Robert Johnston

Trevor Maloney

National 4-H Engineering Challenge, Purdue University

Christopher Fox

Skylar Larimore

2015 Delaware 4-H Holiday Greeting Card Contest

Britney Carpenter

State 4-H Leader Forum

Volunteers are the backbone of the 4-H program; the 4-H club experience would not exist without volunteers. Caring adult volunteers are a hallmark of the 4-H program. The educational program at the State 4-H Forum provides volunteers with new program ideas and strategies to provide a broad array of experiences for young people. Volunteers from all corners of the state participate in this important training event.

Legislative Day

Legislative Day offers 4-H members, parents and volunteers an opportunity to not only learn about democracy, but to see it in action. Teen leaders have been able to speak on the floor of the Delaware House and Senate Chambers about their 4-H experience. All participants have the opportunity to visit with their local legislators.

State 4-H Teen Conference

Leadership Development is one of 4-H’s main programmatic thrusts, and this program contributes to the development of teen leaders that are vital to local 4-H clubs, as well as the county and state 4-H program.


Favorite Foods

The Foundation has provided prizes for the Favorite Foods contests.

Shooting Sports

Funds from the National Wild Turkey Federation and other donors support an extensive volunteer training program, as well as the purchase of equipment for shooting sports programs conducted with local 4-H clubs, at County and State 4-H Camps, and with the 4-H After school Program.


State Camp Scholarships

Scholarships were awarded to 39 Delaware 4-Hers to attend overnight camp.

County Achievement Awards

Each county and Delaware State University are provided with funds from the Foundation to support awards and recognition materials.


State Camp Counselor Scholarships

Scholarships were funded to pay the salaries of 17 State 4-H Camp Counselors.

Delaware Cow Camp

The foundation provided funding to help pay for expenses associated with running the Delaware Cow Camp program.

New Castle County 4-H and FFA Annual Summer Livestock Classic

Delaware 4-H Hall of Fame

The DE 4-H Foundation is proud to honor these contributors to the success of 4-H in the State of Delaware:

Delaware All American Junior Sheep Show